The Drain Away Drain Tray

Designed to make all aspects of growing potted plants easier and cleaner. Our drain tray features an elevated center pedestal to make sure your container is never sitting in a puddle. With the gutter slightly sloped towards the spout, all water is directed to the drain and away from your growing area. Using the Drain Away Drain Tray also eliminates staining on decks or patios and can be used to recycle water. Our trays are made durable with ABS plastic that have added UV inhibitors to help maintain the life of your tray in all growing situations.


The threaded 3/4 inch fitting creates a simple way to hook a row of drain trays together for grow areas big or small. With a 3/4 X 1 inch T and 1 inch PVC as your drain pipe optimum drainage is achieved in large systems.


The Drain Away Drain Tray is made to fit many container sizes. The picture shows 15, 20 and 25 gallon plastic pots being used. Drain Tray dimensions are 22" Wide X 1 3/4" tall.


Can be set up to drain down and away from decks, patios and tables to prevent staining or rot. Keeping the water out of your high traffic areas.