The World's Best Water Drainage Solution.

Get the Drain Away Drain Tray for 100% water drainage.

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No Puddles. No Troubles.

Don't wreck your deck with puddles from leaky pots.

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Use The Drain Away Drain Tray Anywhere.

In the garden or on the porch, anywhere you don't want water.

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Keep Your Porch Dry

Eliminate standing water in your most cared for places.

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100% Water Drainage

The Drain Away Drain Tray spout collects and filters out any standing water left behind after watering.

Connect, Drain, Repeat.

Tired of puddles? Connect multiple Drain Away Drain Tray's to create an all-in-one water drainage solution.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Choose between 15.5" and 22" diameter Drain Trays to fit multiple sizes of standard garden pots.

Drain Away Drain Tray Features

Water doen't stand a chance.

Drain Away Drain Tray
  • Water In, Water Out.

    Don't worry about over filling those pots and creating puddles. Problem solved.

  • Sized To Perfection

    Works with standard 25 Gal. nursery pots and smaller. 15.5" and 22" models available.

  • Match your space or garden.

    Match your garden or indoor location with white, black, or brown Drain Away Drain Trays.

  • Connect a complete water removal system.

    Control your entire set of plants or pots by connecting Drain Trays and creating the ultimate water removal system.

  • Perfect for the home.

    Protect your porch or deck from leaky, unwanted water stains and puddles.

  • Outfit Your Large-Scale Grow Rooms

    Connect an unlimited amount of Drain Away Draon Tray's to create the perfect water drainage solution.

  • Repurpose Water and Save Money

    Setup your Drain Away Drain Trays to empty into a flowerbed or lower level garden to maximize your drainage and minimize your water bill.

Why Buy The Drain Away Drain Tray?

Better question: Why not?
No More Puddles

Love potted plants but hate the mess? With the Drain Away Drain Tray you can now have beautiful potted plants on your deck, around your pool or in front of your business without the mess of staining your area with the plant's water run off.

No More Leaky Decks

Our drain tray is designed with a sloped gutter and a threaded spout so you are in control of where your water goes! You can water another plant or simply avoid a stain on the patio using a drain tray!

No More Troubles

The Drain Away Drain Tray is made of sturdy ABS plastic and comes in 2 sizes with 3 different colors to accommodate a variety of garden projects. Made in the USA!

Customer Testimonials

Wonderful product if you're setting up a drain to your garden

I've only had these a year but I've found these trays are so well made that they should last many years. The male threaded outlet makes it super fast to connect several to a single pipe run using "bulldog T's" that insert to poly pipe. No clamps are necessary as there is no back pressure. No stagnate water means no foot rot of the plant or mosquitoes breeding.

Saved my deck and garden from constant puddles and debris.